Drain clogs, the easiest and fastest solutions


Drain clogging is a common nuisance for households and businesses, Apofraxeis Anagnostou. Sooner or later everyone will get stuck in the sink or some other point in the sewer system. But why is there a blockage in the pipelines? Are there quick fixes to draining the sewer? When should you call professionals in sewer blockages and what should you watch out for? Below you will learn everything.

Abnormalities that can adversely affect the operation of a sewer system are shaped over time and add to its burden. More or less anywhere in the sewer and if you have a problem the symptoms are common. The main ones are:

  • Poor drainage of water in the sewer. This means that the water can be absorbed very slowly or not at all.
  • Unpleasant odors emanating from the sewer indicate stagnation of sewage such as food debris that rots.
  • Moisture in walls that pass through drainage pipes is another sign that the flow is not normal. In many cases water leaks inside the wall creating moisture.
  • Gargling sounds when draining water can indicate difficulty in the flow of water. This happens when a pipe tends to clog.

However in any case the real cause of the problem must be diagnosed. For example, if you have signs that only the sink has an absorption problem and not another sink in the house, it means that the blockage is local. Let’s see in detail all the cases of sewer blockage.

Why the sewer is clogged and what you can do

The main reasons that can create a blockage in the sewer are:

  • The accumulation of cooking fat, food waste, hair, paper, soap and organic waste in the piping
  • The antiquity of the sewer
  • Defects and inadequate network maintenance
  • A more general problem of the central drainage system
  • However there are some easy ways to try to restore the sewer before contacting an obstruction company.

Unclogging of the kitchen sink

A clogged sink is probably the most common problem most people face. The main causes of clogging are the dumping of grease, food waste, dishwashing detergent and other waste that ends up in the sink. This mixture of sewage over time creates a hard casing in the passage of the pipes reducing its diameter, until it is completely blocked.

How to easily disassemble the kitchen sink: To disassemble the sink you will need baking soda, vinegar and finally hot water. Soda and white vinegar react with each other to form a mild corrosive mixture that softens grease and dirt that clogs the sink. Below are the steps separately.

  • First make sure there is no stagnant water in the sink.
  • Pour half a cup of baking soda directly into the sink drain.
  • After 5 minutes, empty half a cup of white vinegar in exactly the same way.
  • Place a relatively damp cloth over the siphon and wait for another 10 minutes.
  • In the meantime, heat 3 liters of water in the kettle or pot.
  • Carefully pour the hot water directly into the pipette while first moving the cloth.

Unclogging of the bathroom sink

The bathroom sink is clogged mainly by the accumulation of hair, soap and toiletries that end up in the sewer.

How to easily disassemble the bathroom sink: The easiest way to disassemble the sink is by using a wire or alternatively a wire hanger. In essence, you will “fish” the hairs and everything else that stands in the way of the flow of water. The steps are very easy:

  • Straighten the wire with pliers and create a small hook on the edge.
  • Insert the wire into the sink siphon and push it inwards until you find an obstacle in the path.
  • Pull out the trash.
  • Finally, empty 3 liters of hot water.

Unlogging of the toilet bowl

The basin can be clogged with paper, bristles, all kinds of garbage and organic wastewater. The health risk is high in case of water overflow, so it must be addressed immediately. Before calling professionals you can try to disassemble it using the suction cup method. We will suggest you two versions.

With a suction cup

  • Wear gloves
  • Position the suction cup so that it covers the bottom of the pelvis.
  • Move the suction piston up and down in sequence until you hear water being released into the drain.
  • Repeat if necessary.

With food film

  • Raise the lid of the basin.
  • Cover the basin tightly with the film so that there is no vacuum at all.
  • Apply another three coats of film.
  • Squeeze the membrane with your hands until you hear the water release.

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What is an ERP system and how does it help?

What is an ERP system and how does it help?

What is an ERP system and how does it help? An ERP system is one of the smartest moves a business can make after web hosting to MyIP company. With this, she can manage her resources as best she can, and increase her profits. But can it help all businesses equally?

What is the ERP system and how can it help me?

Definition: ERP system / “Business Planning System” is an information system through which the company manages its resources and operations effectively. In this way it achieves maximum performance. This means:

  • Reduce costs
  • Income increase
  • Human resources management
  • Accounting
  • Many other functions

Because the internal activities of each company are many and different, each ERP comes with a multitude of applications. Each of these applications is responsible for each activity. The company can activate which it deems relevant and beneficial. In case the needs change, there is the possibility of activating or deactivating an application.

Because the various applications are part of one system (the ERP system), the biggest advantage is data integration. This means that each application can receive and deliver data to and from other applications. In this way, better information is provided to the business.

Some of the applications that usually exist as part of an ERP are

  • Commercial management
  • Financial management
  • Revenue-Expenses
  • General Accounting
  • Assets Management
  • Warehouse management
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Payroll
  • Distribution Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Retail Management
  • Product Design
  • Production Management
  • Services Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Pricing

What do non-ERP system companies do?

An ERP system is of course optional. But many other things in a business are optional, such as advertising. But can a retail business survive without some kind of advertising?

Businesses that do not have an ERP system to hold their data, usually resort to other solutions. One of the most common solutions is to store information and tasks in Excel files or manuscripts, and install software packages where absolutely necessary, such as for commercial management.

The big problem there is that it is extremely difficult to consolidate all the information and be able to produce secure results immediately. In addition, supporting different forms of data logging has high maintenance costs to ensure that it is done correctly and in the intended manner.

In this way, the company, although it can meet some of its basic needs, in the long run bears a great cost and risk.

Do I need an ERP system ?

The short answer is YES. The needs of your business may not be so great as to implement a system that has sophisticated capabilities, but even in that case, you can choose a simpler system that suits you. What is certain is that in an environment where the competition is very high and all companies are trying to find ways to save resources, the implementation of such a system is one of the moves that can make a big difference.

Just imagine the difference in your daily life, when you will be able to have all the information immediately available. You will have a huge advantage, the moment the competitor will try with paper and pencil (and the high probability of making a mistake) to collect the information. Data has now become very valuable, and the dominant companies are those that have access to data and can export.

In addition, regardless of the immediate use of the data for business purposes, historical data is valuable. They can be used to draw important conclusions, through future analyzes.

Key advantages of an ERP system

As mentioned above, the great benefit of an ERP system is the efficient management of a business’s data. Based on this data, the general advantages they can offer to a business are:

  1. Speed ​​and reliability : The main advantage is that you will have reliable information immediately, which is crucial and irreplaceable
  2. Consolidation and rationalization of processes : the different departments of the company (Accounting, Warehouse, Sales, Human Resources) can have common benchmarks and better defined procedures.
  3. Task oversight: Management can better oversee operations and make changes to optimize efficiency.
  4. Increase productivity of human resources and reduce errors
  5. Finding weaknesses and opportunities
  6. Easier compliance with mandatory or optional standards , such as ISO
  7. Ability to power other company systems with data, such as an eshop and retail software
  8. Efficient management of stocks and orders

According to a recent survey by Paramarketing, on the implementation of ERP systems, 95% of companies saw an improvement in most or most of their most important operations. The companies in the construction industry are the ones that buy the most ERP systems, and together with the retail companies occupy the largest market share.

According to Datix research , the biggest benefits observed were

  • 23% lower operating costs
  • 22% lower management costs
  • 24% increase on timely deliveries

How to choose an ERP system

Once the first step is taken and the company decides that it needs an ERP system to improve its operations, then a research should be done on its requirements. This way, she will understand which of the many available systems that exist suits her best.

In order to achieve this, she definitely needs an experienced partner, who knows about relevant systems, in order to present her with the relevant information in order to make the right decision. Information systems consulting is a job that requires years of experience and involvement, and should not be a random choice.

Issues that will be explored during the selection phase are issues such as:

  1. Sector, size, and specifics of the company , in order to find and analyze the appropriate applications that interest the specific company
  2. Platform : Is the company capable and willing to install the ERP system on its servers, or does it prefer the cost of the infrastructure to be included in a type of monthly subscription, while the application is in the cloud?
  3. Data security and legal compliance : What are the specific needs of the company in terms of the data it manages? Are there any legal issues that need to be known before implementing the ERP system?


As we have seen an ERP system can greatly change the efficiency of our business. Once we are ready, we must turn to the right ones to choose the ERP system that suits the business. If there are the right partners and mood, the project will surely be crowned with success.

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Why you should eat yogurt?


Many people wonder about dairy products: “But what should a yogurt look like in order to consume it without fear and with the certainty that yes, we are eating something that is really healthy”?

The history of yogurt

Undoubtedly, yogurt existed many years before people wrote about it. It is very likely that his discovery was made by chance. It is generally believed to have first appeared in the Middle East, somewhere in present-day Turkey, or perhaps in neighboring Persia. It is included in the diet of the Greeks since ancient times, because it was considered a food rich in nutrients. For this reason they also called it healthy.

These amazing properties were rediscovered in the early 1900s by Russian Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine Dr Elias Metchinikoff. Bacteriologist Metsinkov discovered that milk fats become more digestible by neutralizing pathogenic microbes in the gastrointestinal tract and studied the association with premature aging in humans. The study concluded that human longevity is due to yogurt.In the market we find it in many types, but when we say yogurt we mean the traditional.

Yogurt is made from fresh milk, mainly cow’s milk (sheep’s milk used to be used), to which special cultures have been added that coagulate it, and it is fermented with the help of two bacteria, the milk bacillus (Bulgarian lactobacilli) and the streptococcus (streptococcus). That is, through the action of these bacteria and under certain conditions, the milk, which was previously pasteurized, is transformed into another product, which has a viscous texture and a characteristic sour taste.

The word alive means that apart from the pasteurization of the milk, no other pasteurization was followed in the final product, which keeps all its lactic enzymes alive and can be used to make yogurt at home (like yeast). Real yogurt must be labeled “live” or with “live lactic enzymes” or their scientific name. This delicious cheese product, famous for its nutrients, is one of the most easy-to-use ingredients in Greek cuisine. The popular dishes with yogurt, such as tzatziki and yogurt with honey and nuts, are followed by new proposals for the daily table, but also by professional restaurants.

Yogurt and its nutrients

Yogurt contains all the ingredients of milk and relatively few calories. Because it is concentrated it contains more protein and calcium. In more detail, yogurt contains:

Protein: It is a rich source of Protein of great biological value.

Minerals and Trace Elements: It is a rich source of Calcium and, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus. Calcium is more (because the rest of the ingredients are contained in concentrated form). It also contains a large amount of zinc.

Vitamins: Contains vitamins such as Vitamin B12 and B2. It also contains a sufficient amount of vitamins A and D. B-complex vitamins increase under the influence of bacteria and thus, the relationship with milk, facilitates the intestinal absorption of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

Therapeutic Properties

Yogurt is necessary and miraculous. Rich in nutrients, yogurt should be on the daily table of all of us, as it helps maintain our good health. In addition to its great nutritional value, it is a food with therapeutic properties, suitable for all ages and all phases of our lives. The rich nutritional value of yogurt makes it the essential, irreplaceable, daily food that perfectly combines the fun with the useful.

Its value is invaluable because:

1. Stimulates intestinal motility and generally has a beneficial effect on the digestive system. Relieves gas, intestinal pain, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. It regulates intestinal function and suppresses infections such as E. coli. Helps prevent travelers from being infected by foreign germs. Contains prostaglandins that protect stomach walls from irritants such as alcohol and tobacco, while reducing the incidence of stomach ulcers. The acidification and enzymes of yogurt facilitate digestion and improve the assimilation of ingredients. Facilitates digestion in people who have difficulty absorbing calcium.

2. It also prevents bladder infections and cystitis. Women who regularly drink fresh fruit juice, eat yogurt and cheese often have a significantly lower risk of developing a urinary tract infection.

3. It is a food that is easily digested. Milk takes 4 hours to digest while yogurt only 1 hour, yogurt does not have enough fermentation, resulting in it being digested by 93% from the intestine much easier than milk.

4. Kills various harmful microorganisms in the intestine. Numerous live and active bacteria (lactobacilli) have a positive effect on the microflora of the intestine and the production of intestinal antibodies. Equivalent to a natural antibiotic. The two microorganisms that catalyze the fermentation of lactose are Lactobacillusbulgaricus and Streprococcus thermophilis.

5. Fights diarrhea, which comes from infections of the gastrointestinal tract, because its bacilli, neutralize the germs that cause them.

6. Helps regenerate the flora of the large intestine, in cases of treatment with antibiotics. It is necessary to consume it in cases of treatment with antibiotics or radiation, to destroy the growth of pathogenic microorganisms in their intestinal system, enhancing the good microorganisms in it.

In addition it produces substances and natural antibiotics, capable of destroying bacteria that cause diseases such as tuberculosis. It is well known that doctors advise consuming yogurt along with antibiotics. Antibiotics destroy the natural gut flora. Yogurt supplies the gut with microorganisms that maintain its balance and replenish the damage done to its flora.

Munich auto show: Hits and misses

Munich auto show: Hits and misses

MUNICH — When the Frankfurt show folded in 2019, the German automobile market and the federal government vowed to press on and recast what had been a truly worldwide automotive showcase into a lifeline for the nation’s domestic sector.

They moved the 2021 display to Munich, with the valuable help of hometown automaker BMW and Stuttgart neighbor Mercedes-Benz, and renamed it the IAA Mobility. And in spite of a global pandemic, they place jointly a substitute car exhibit — albeit just one without nearly as several autos from virtually as quite a few continents.

Personnel Reporter Larry P. Vellequette attended the exhibit and took inventory of the generation and strategy motor vehicles strewn across a number of halls of Munich’s giant conference centre.

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EV registrations more than double in first half, account for 2.5 percent of U.S. market

EV registrations more than double in first half, account for 2.5 percent of U.S. market

Electrical car or truck registrations in the U.S. much more than doubled in the to start with 50 percent of 2021 from a yr previously to account for 2.5 per cent of total new-automobile registrations.

According to data collected by Experian, 214,111 new EVs were being registered nationwide by way of June, up from 98,351 in the to start with 50 percent of 2020. EVs represented about 1.5 % of all new-vehicle registrations in the U.S. at the same time very last yr.

While the sharp rise in registration information reflects rising desire for EVs and the entry of numerous new models into the phase, the knowledge also reveals how significantly the U.S. has to go to satisfy its recently introduced EV revenue targets. Very last 7 days, President Joe Biden set a objective of getting 50 percent of all new automobiles bought in the U.S. be emissions-no cost by 2030.

Whilst thoughts stay about whether or not customer desire for EVs will be large more than enough by 2030, automakers are “perfectly on their way” to hitting that goal with their item ideas, stated Jessica Caldwell, government director of insights at Edmunds. Automakers system to introduce much more than 100 EVs in the U.S. market place in the coming decades.

“You have to keep the most intense stance to prepare, for the reason that things could come together in [the] 2024 [presidential election] and alter and then could change once more in 2028,” she claimed. “That’s why they’ve taken it upon on their own to create targets for themselves that are intense.”

Tesla Inc. carries on to dominate the electric powered current market, accounting for about two-thirds of all new EV registrations in the very first 50 percent of the yr. Chevrolet, driven by the Bolt EV, is next among the all brand names with 9.6 per cent of registrations. Many thanks to its new Mustang Mach-E crossover, Ford cracked the best a few with 5.2 % of the sector.

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Joyson finds falsified seat belt test data at former Takata plants

Joyson finds falsified seat belt test data at former Takata plants

Iwamitsu stated JSS Japan has submitted an investigation report to Japan’s transportation ministry on Friday. Joyson Safety Programs is owned by China’s Ningbo Joyson Digital Corp. but globally headquartered in suburban Detroit.

The business is not organizing a remember, he said, due to the fact reexamination of the webbing confirmed no basic safety issues, and also mainly because the 12 automakers that the organization is providing made the decision not to implement measures this kind of as automobile inspections.

As element of preventive actions, the business released an electronic process in March that would reduce info from staying falsified, and is performing on growing human resources for quality administration, he additional.

Takata’s defective airbag inflators induced the automobile industry’s major basic safety remember and have been connected to various deaths and injuries, mainly in the United States.

The investigation also showed that knowledge had been falsified at Hikone plant above a two-ten years interval until Jan. 2020, overlapping with when Takata was embroiled in airbag scandals.

“In reaction to the airbag issue, JSS group as a complete made a variety of efforts which includes creating a code of carry out and maximizing compliance recognition amid workforce, particularly these included in quality management,” JSS Japan’s senior authorized formal Kohei Hamamoto said.

“Sad to say, investigators pointed out that wasn’t enough,” he additional.

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Check’s in the mail, Lordstown Motors says

Check’s in the mail, Lordstown Motors says


Lordstown Motors states its failure to make a $570,000 tax payment on the assembly plant it bought from Common Motors in northeastern Ohio was “an unlucky administrative error.”

Missing the March 5 payment means the startup now owes a penalty of $57,178 as very well, according to the Tribune Chronicle in Warren. A different payment is owing Aug. 6, and if Lordstown Motors doesn’t pay about $1.2 million by then, the county would contemplate the firm delinquent.

“We are in the course of action of having to pay all residence taxes, fees and any assessed penalties that are owing,” enterprise spokesman Ryan Hallett explained to Television set station WFMJ in Youngstown.

Lordstown Motors purchased the GM plant for $20 million in November 2019. The corporation aims to commence output of the Endurance, an electrical pickup, this drop, followed by an electrical supply van in 2022.

The firm’s path towards output has been bumpy, with its stock rising to $31 a share just before plummeting by about two-thirds following a report by a quick vendor claimed Lordstown misled buyers about preorders and the creation timetable for the Endurance. In addition, traders have submitted four course-action lawsuits against the corporation.

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FCA plans May 18 restart; UAW not opposed to new target

FCA plans May 18 restart; UAW not opposed to new target

DETROIT — The UAW explained Tuesday that it proceeds to speak with the Detroit 3 automakers about defending employees even as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles announced strategies to resume production at most U.S. crops the week of Might 18.

The choice, announced as part of FCA’s 1st-quarter earnings report, arrives following the automaker pushed back again preliminary programs to reopen crops early this month. The union opposed an early Could return to function, but a UAW statement Tuesday did not renew its previous opposition.

“As for the get started date, the organizations contractually make that final decision and we all realized this day would occur,” UAW President Rory Gamble stated in a statement. “Our UAW target and position is and will go on to be, on wellness and security protocols to safeguard our members.”

FCA explained Tuesday it strategies to restart creation at its North The usa vegetation, with the exception of the Jeep Cherokee factory in Belvidere, Ill., the week of May well 18. The Belvidere manufacturing unit, which has been idled several occasions in current months to match output with desire, is anticipated to open by June 1.

FCA CEO Mike Manley stated the generation program was produced soon after “continual discussions” with the UAW and governors of states where by FCA operates, especially Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan.

“This is a reflection on the progress that has been manufactured in our house states and the complete well being and protection steps we are adopting in our plants,” Manley stated for the duration of an earnings phone Tuesday. “We don’t assume that to change between now and the 18th, but we will proceed to do the job extremely intently with each of the governors to make certain that we development in the direction of that reopening on May possibly 18.”

Gamble stated FCA’s conclusion is private.

“My very own loved ones will be amid people reporting and my duty to our UAW members and my loved ones will be consistent,” he claimed in the assertion. “We ought to employ and abide by these suggestions and self-reporting processes we have worked out. And the UAW will fulfill its role to continue to actively check and aggressively answer concerning all troubles impacting the overall health and safety of UAW members in regardless of what way might be necessary as we return to the worksite.”

The Detroit 3 have been producing comprehensive return-to-get the job done playbooks that spell out rigorous protection actions, which include necessary private protective equipment and the closure of common parts to lessen the risk of publicity to the virus.

FCA stated careers per hour will be lowered because of to further treatments to guarantee work drive security. First generation, the enterprise explained, will be prioritized to electrified products and solutions, larger margin goods and motor vehicles with small stock.

Creation degrees will be aligned to consumer need.

Ford Motor Co., in a statement, said it experienced not nonetheless determined when it will resume creation at its North American vegetation, whilst some regional union leaders have instructed employees that Ford is also focusing on May perhaps 18.

“We are continuing to evaluate public health circumstances, federal government tips and provider readiness to figure out when the time is right to resume output,” a spokeswoman stated.

Common Motors, sticking with its prior statements, would not affirm a new begin day.

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Intelligence Report: Jaguar Land Rover

Intelligence Report: Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover could not have experienced substantially worse of a time for generation to be halted for what’s envisioned to be 70 times:

  • JLR had started scheduling favourable outcomes from a turnaround system that reduce prices, lowered workers and aligned creation with need.
  • Brexit was ultimately settled.
  • The firm’s turmoil in China was coming below command as gross sales started recovering.

The launch of several new significant-volume and significant-gain motor vehicles — these kinds of as the new technology of the Land Rover Defender and a intensely re-engineered and restyled Range Rover Evoque — experienced JLR officials assured the momentum would proceed attaining traction.

The firm furloughed about fifty percent of its 40,000-member U.K. get the job done power as Britain locked down nonessential organizations to beat COVID-19. JLR shut its a few production crops, its engine manufacturing facility and equally tech centers. Engineers, designers and executives have been doing work from home in an work to continue to keep foreseeable future projects on observe.

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