How to wear summer dresses

In the summer we love dresses (καλοκαιρινά φορέματα), super minis, strapless, backless dresses that emphasize our shoulders and show off our tan. Every summer we wear the dresses that follow us everywhere and are our first choice on our summer outings.

In the summer this season, many styles are created in the field of fashion, in an infinite range of colors and designs. They provide women with exactly what they want and ask for to feel feminine and comfortable. The key is to find a style that suits your body type and constantly highlight the part of your body that you are absolutely in love with.

But what are the strong trends that we should know this year, before choosing our new dress?

Do you read every magazine that is published and keep up to date with all the clothes of this summer season? Have you envisioned yourself in all the ensembles making triumphant entrances at parties, weddings, christenings, events, beaches, at the office?

Of course we know them and we present them to you together with wonderful dresses so you can find the one that suits your style. DKstyle is here to help you with the best ideas!

Our favorite mini dress for summer

Mini dresses are the only version of dress that will never go out of style in the summer seasons because we all love to show off our figure. After all, today they are created in so many designs, with sexy styles that a mini dress can be quite an elegant outfit. They still remain the most perfect outfit for summer looks.

Are maxi dresses ideal for the summer months?

Maxi dresses are the perfect style for all women in the summer months. Holidays, casual looks, nights out, wedding or christening even beach parties. There are so many of us going out this season that an elegant and stylish maxi dress is definitely a must.

Are midi dresses worn in the summer?

These types of dresses have made a huge comeback on the fashion runways lately and we think it has to do with how stunning dresses are seen in the summer too. From tailored styles to A-line cuts to classics.

Midi dresses are the perfect outfit for the office, cocktail parties, formal social events or even casual everyday looks. A midi dress highlights your femininity and can definitely give your style a chic summer look.

So what will be the stylistic suggestions that will be worn more this season?

One of the top designs for this season will be the polka dot. It is a playful and subtle dress design that we have all worn more or less. Its feminine look makes it ideal for all hours of the day. Although the black and white polka dot is the most preferred by all women, instead there are many shades and color combinations that you can wear. But be careful, the result must be harmonious and not out of place.

This year’s fashion trend could not be missing, the color loved by all of us baby blue or otherwise blue. This classic blue has its due and we will see it used in every field of fashion.

From clothes, coats, and accessories, classic blue will make its presence felt. It symbolizes the sky and the sea. It is associated with trust, faith, confidence and truth. Blue has infinite beautiful tones that you can wear. For example, an electric evening dress would be the ideal style choice in the summer.

Pleated Summer Dresses

The pleated trend continues in spring-summer 2022. Therefore, dresses and skirts decorated with pleats will be worn a lot this season as well. These are clothes that have movement and femininity. They are ideal for casual as well as formal appearances. Midi dresses and pleated skirts are the most popular and their length is perfect for any occasion and flatters every woman’s body type.

Pleated dresses have a way of bringing us closer to summer and you consider a trend easy, totally flattering for every body type, timeless and very impressive. We can combine them with both flat sandals and high-heeled shoes, of course it depends on your style and the occasion you want to appear.

Striped Summer Dresses

Striped dresses are very much in fashion this summer and can be worn at any time of the day to achieve a Parisian style.

A favorite way to wear striped dresses in the summer months is with sandals and solid colored accessories. Striped dresses give the impression of a neat look and have been loved by many women. They are classic pieces, easy to combine and flatter our body, as long as we choose the right design that suits our body type.

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7 typically clothing and accessories in street wear style


The term streetwear is in fact quite a typical term in the modern-day style globe. It refers to a distinctive style of street style (gynaikeia rouxa), which has its origins in Californian and also skate culture, however also includes elements of hip-hop style, modern-day haute couture as well as haute couture.

Yet where did streetwear in fact stem? With contemporary style branching off into a lot of various and unique subgenres, it can be challenging to identify the trends from the mainstays. However it would appear that streetwear, or at the very least the a lot more generally termed city style, is really below to stay.

Punk, Surf and also Skate Society

Although it is speculated regarding when streetwear come from, as well as exactly how it actually happened, it is believed to have actually started as early as the late 1970s. This was an amazing time, with the appearance of punk rock and also extremely early hip-hop. Therefore, streetwear brand names of the late 70s as well as 1980s borrowed heavily from the ‘do it on your own’ visual of punk, new age and also heavy-metal societies.

Several web surfers and skaters likewise adopted this Do It Yourself method, producing their very own top quality surf boards as well as awesome Tees with their very own designs. The most significant of the Do It Yourself Tees pioneers was surfboard designer Shawn Stussy, who started selling printed Tee shirts featuring the very same trademark signature that he positioned on his own custom-made surfboards. As Stussy came to be more of a preferred cult icon, the appeal of his surf boards and apparel likewise climbed.


7 typically clothing and accessories in street wear style

1 T-shirts

Can not visualize street design without them– The T-shirts may appear or Printed. The published ones have vivid coloured artwork, mottos, graffiti. Loosened fitting or even baggy tees or fitting tee shirts under jackets are included. Depending on the fashion, the t-shirts perhaps brief or can also rise to the knees as in longline tee. Black, grey as well as white are the preferred colours.

2 Jeans

Dark blue raw denim jeans is an excellent begin in bottom wear. Torn pants, pants that have gone through lots of kinds of washes, etc are all included in road style.Those with great deals of functional pockets are favoured.

A Slim fit is a staple. The conical style of pants has been a favourite from the beginning of this fashion design which has actually not changed. Denim jeans shorts with shredded/fringed sides are streetwear for girls.

3 Sweatpants/joggers

Dropped crotch baggy pants are what I view as popular currently in this category. For women, leggings will certainly do, instead of sweatpants.


4 Laid-back Jackets

Fashion transforms the design of jackets. Lengthy coats in woollen are preferred yet this might change today, tomorrow. Jeans jackets and woollen duster coats, leather coats in informal fit are all excellent. Boys have their army design jackets which are amazing and also classic. Bomber coats, Cyclist coats, all are streetwear cool.

5 Pullover Hoodies

This is one garments that you can not visualize being without in a streetwear wardrobe.For girls, this is partner hoodies/sweatshirts.

6 Tennis shoes

Sneakers are the preferred shoes for this style and also amongst them, white is the preferred colour. Ankle boots are one more choice for footwear.

7 Headwear

Beanies, Baseball caps (Papa hats), bandanna’s streetwear takes them all. For Attire concepts in Streetwear fashion check out the Streetwear style board in Pinterest or the streetwear subreddit below.

See more about StreetWear Style:

Romp-it-up Fashion Tips & Bags


Being a person that likes wearing trousers and shorts, I am a big fan of the all-in-one. It is the tomboy equivalent to the dress- easy to wear as you don’t have to co-ordinate tops/bottoms and instantly get your body into in a large amount of just one fabric.

Find recycled fashion bags from ( tsantes ).

The all in one has different names; playsuit, jumpsuit, romper, onesie, one-piece and there must be many others I am sure. But I love Romper the most.

As I promised to do Look-Books on my blog then and now, these will mostly have outfits I love and wear on a regular basis. Trends that are in and breaking boundaries but most importantly talking about easy dressing. Comfort and easy dressing are the keys to look your very best in any occasion, no matter how cheap or expensive your outfit maybe.

What I love about playsuits are the fact that I don’t have to spend time thinking about teaming things up, but just put on that one piece of fabric and I am good to go. Ditching on dresses for rompers is another joy that I get when I wear jumpsuits because honestly they are way more comfortable and as pretty as our dresses.

Below are the two looks that I am sporting; very minimalist and chic at the same time. Not a lot to do with accessories because the outfits have been styled keeping in mind the shoes and the apparels complimenting each other.

Small piece of advice: If you are short like me, avoid wearing full length playsuits, because they will only make you look shorter. So instead go for the short ones and show off your legs.
But if you are a lucky stunner and have long legs, you get to wear both. WIN-WIN!

SO, Let’s get down to the looks now.





Look 1:
1. Stripes playsuit – Zara
2. Heels- Zara (online)

Look 2:
1. Pastel Jumpsuit- Stalkbuylove. @stalkbuylove on Instagram
2. Tie-up heels- Zara

Also let me know the kind of lookbooks or blog post you’d want me to do, I would love your feedbacks and suggestions.